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05/16: A new publication on dental materials. Good job Pascal !

05/16: Brian visit us. Very very good talk, very interesting discussions and some ideas for improving the SAXS equipemnt. 

Thanks Brian !!


  • 05/14: Brian will visit us and give a Talk entitled "All you ever wanted to know about SAXS: "What, why, how and when"

  • 03/14: Back from the DEPOS25 conference. Good talks for me and my students, and interesting scientific discussions

  • 03/14: My first article focused on SAXS is now online :) !

  • 03/14: The paper in Angewandte Chemie is now online

  • 03/14: First results by DMA on the controlled morphology block copolymers !! Good job Thibaut !

Here you will find some information about me, my research and my interests.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to know more or if you think that we have some things to make together !!

I'm actually associate professor at the University Lille1 Sciences & Technologies. My research focus on the structure-property relationships of polymers. I'm particularly focused on the strain-induced structural evolution upon deformation.

In the meantime, I teach basic of polymers physic and basics of rheology of polymers, to engineer students in the Materials Science Department of the Polytech'Lille School.

Finally i will finish my presentation by indicating that i'm a big fan of X-ray scattering techniques, particularly SAXS and WAXS

I work in the "Mechanics of Complex Macromolecular Systems" group, part of the Polymer Engineering (ISP) team.

In this group we are actually 5 permanent researchers and 5 Phd Students. To know more about the activities of the group, just follow the link